Beautiful Edible Landscapes Inc!

Have you considered having trees, shrubs, and herbs planted on your property? Yes? Then why not choose edible varieties? They too have incredible blooms and fragrances, and on top of that will give you the most delicious organic fruits and veggies you have ever tasted! Year after year. For free.

Do you want to do your part of reducing our dependence on expensive, polluting fossil fuels? If your answer is again "Yes", then utilizing your front and backyards will be your contribution to the achievement of that goal.

Our aim is to give everyone an opportunity to grow their own fresh organic food the easy way – with no time-consuming and back-braking hard labour. Contrary to popular belief, gardening can be easy.

We design edible systems that, once fully established, become completely self-sustainable – they require no chemical fertilizers or additional irrigation. There is no digging or tilling involved. You will have much more time to simply enjoy your beautiful edible landscape and its fruits.

But how is that possible, I hear you ask. Well, your edible landscape will be designed in the way Mother Nature designs her ecosystems – no natural forest, prairie, or wetland needs any human inputs in the form of irrigation, chemical fertilization, composting, recycling, pesticides or herbicides in order for those systems to thrive. Neither will your garden or farm, once the science of natural and sustainable plant growing has been applied to it.


Permaculture (coined from permanent agriculture/ culture) is a science that aids the design of sustainable human habitats through creating a web of mutually supportive linkages between the elements of a landscape and people. Some of these linkages stem directly from Nature, others – from a multitude of science fields. 

What are the main benefits for you?

  1. Almost no work, just like in Nature
  2. Healthy plants, producing an abundant harvest
  3. Restored natural harmony between humans, soil, plants and wildlife

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