About us

Ned Tilev, Certified Permaculture Designer

Ned Tilev is the Director of Beautiful Edible Landscapes Inc.; he is also a Certified Permaculture Designer (Canada, Australia).

  • Ten years of experience in applying Permaculture Design principles to gardening and broad-acre farming prior to moving into full-time Permaculture consultancy.
  • Professional certification as a Permaculture Designer from both Canada and Australia.

Our Company

We design edible ecosystems that, once fully established, become completely self-sustainable – they require no chemical fertilizers or additional irrigation. There is no digging or tilling involved. You will have much more time to simply enjoy your beautiful edible landscape and its fruits.

Our aim is to give everyone an opportunity to grow their own fresh organic food the easy way – with no time-consuming and back-braking hard labour. Contrary to popular belief, gardening can be easy.

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